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Unforgettable Japanese: People Who Tell Folktales

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The second work, “Unforgettable Japanese: People Who Tell Folktales” (published in 2024), is a compilation of the individual lives, the intelligence that resides in the eight unforgettable storytellers who have shared decades and months in the Tohoku region, and the folktales that have sustained their lives. It also includes an essay written by the author about his mother.

I Want to See, I Want to Hear, and That Is Why I Travel

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The first work, “I Want to See, I Want to Hear, and That Is Why I Travel” (to be published in 2019), is a collection of 18 stories and contributions by young artists, based on travel diaries, folk tales, letters, documents, and other texts of various nature that were shared through one-time encounters, and other experiences gained on the journey.